ESG at the South Terminal

Over the last three years, LoneStar Airport Holding’s Management team has committed time and resources to developing and implementing ESG policies.

What does the acronym “ESG” mean and
what are some examples of important ESG focus areas for Lonestar?

ESG at the South Terminal - Pillars

LoneStar is committed to creating a safe, secure, pleasant, and functional environment for its passengers, employees, and business partners. To that end, LoneStar reviews its ESG practices and pursues other measures on an annual basis to strive for year-over-year improvement in its GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) participation. This independent and rigorous standard assesses ESG performance for infrastructure assets; and ranks airports among other reporting airports.

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Here’s How Lonestar Has Incorporated ESG Policies


  • SWPPP policy
  • Tracking water, electrical and fuel usage; recycling efforts


  • Policy manuals with DEI, Human Rights and Responsible Contractor language
  • Initiatives to increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Tracking and reporting health and safety occurrences
  • Community involvement through Austin Chamber and Impact Austin


  • Code of Conduct, Anti-corruption/bribery, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy policies
  • Internal Controls/Separation of Duties
  • Quarterly review and monitoring by Board
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